Who we are

Our group is made up not only of those directly affected by the immediate threat of expropriation – there are also people from the surrounding villages, who care deeply about the fate of their neighbours and their social environment. They would find it unbearable to imagine that they would watch helplessly as decades of history and community is lost on their doorstep.

We are not willing to accept that our houses, our gardens, our fertile fields, our cultural monuments, and our whole history, should be erased in a second – all for climate-damaging coal. 

After many conversations together, we decided to form a solidarity group, in order to support each other. As just one person, it’s practically impossible to go up against the pressure exerted by RWE and most people do not have the financial means to engage in legal proceedings. But together, we are finding a way to bring expropriations for coal to an end once and for all – for people and for the climate.