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Here you can find the latest press releases and statements of „Menschenrecht vor Bergrecht” as well as the latest news about new developments.

23.4.2020 Waiting. This probably best describes our condition in the last few months. Waiting for the procedure of the expropriation of our joint property, which must be filed by RWE in form of an expropriation request. Waiting for a miracle to come out of state politics. The call to stay at home during the Corona pandemic is bitterly sweet when one’s own home is threatened. The coal diggers are constantly working their way towards our villages. Stay at home – oh yes, we would love to! We are waiting.

19.11.2019 Statement: Unfortunately, RWE has ignored our calls to stop destroying villages for coal – and overlooked our reasoning too. We believe that with a climate crisis on our hands, and an agreed coal phase-out in Germany, people should no longer have to lose their homes to coal. There’s now no other way for RWE to proceed other than to take a legal route – and that means this case will be heard before the court. As a reaction to our call to stop digging, RWE simply sent us a purchase offer for our co-owned piece of land. We officially rejected this, with a legal letter. Now, they will need to file an expropriation request – and, if we have to, we will challenge any approval in court.

As representatives of RWE have repeatedly made clear in interviews, in order to take our joint piece of land from us, RWE will now have to file a request with the local authority of Arnsberg. But we are ready to fight for our property and our homes. We want the court to make clear whether expropriations like this are, today, legally justifiable and possible.

30.09.2019 Press release Legal standoff as German villagers unite against RWE’s eviction plans”